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Above : Ernest with Mrs Dorothy Strockbine

Testimony from Debbie Brells

Shortly after relocating to Singapore, my 83-year old mother, Dorothy Strockbine, visited us from the United States. It didn’t take us long to realize that, unfortunately, her hearing had deteriorated substantially. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she wasn’t comfortable going to a hearing specialist.

Seeing how her hearing loss was robbing her of the simple things in life, I took it upon myself to contact Ernest Poh at The Hearing Centre and scheduled an appointment. I will admit my mom wasn’t very happy with me that morning, but her demeanor instantly changed the minute she met Ernest. His “bedside office manner” was that of a saint–he spoke to her in a way she understood, and her anxieties were immediately alleviated. My mom was totally receptive to his recommendations, and she left his office truly looking forward to getting her new hearing aids in a few days. When we returned, the hearing aids fit and operated perfectly with no adjustments necessary. She left The Hearing Centre being able to hear things she’d been missing for years.

As a daughter, this has to one of my greatest gifts to her…

Debbie Brells

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