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There are different styles of hearing aids. The style that is suitable for you is based accordingly to your Audiogram result. As of today’s technology, generally the smaller a hearing aid is, the less powerful the amplification is for the wearer.

Occurrence of Feedback in hearing aids
Feedback refers to a high-pitched whistle and other noise that’s picked up by the microphone and re-amplified. This is similar to the sharp high-pitch whistle noise you often hear over a public-address system if the volume is too high. But nowadays with new technology of feedback cancellation function in hearing aids, the feedback problem is greatly reduced.

Brands of Hearing Aids
Ace Hearing focuses on broadening its hearing products range and complementary hearing technologies. We achieve this through forging business ties with leading companies in the hearing aid industry thus allowing us access to different varieties to fit the most suitable hearing aid for patients’ needs.

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