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Hearing Loss

Do you know of your loved ones, children, parents or elderly grandparents who could be suffering from hearing loss?

Do you often have to raise your voice to call for their attention even while talking with them, or having to repeat yourself more often?

Do they often misunderstood what you said or often draw a blank?

Do you experience the agony and frustration of straining to hear what your loved one is trying to say to you?

Do any of your elderly parent or relative strain to hear what the baby grandchild is uttering?

You are not alone. The above questions are real life situations experienced by most of our patients’ families and even friends. Often when a person suffers from hearing loss, it normally affects most aspect of that person’s family, work, social interactions and if ignored, that person may suffer from the common effects of depression and anxiety.

Trying to understand how a person with hearing loss feels is often challenging. To simulate a rough example of what a person with mild hearing loss may experience, try blocking your ear hole with your finger and then engage in a normal conversation in a public environment. Example: Food Court.

“I don’t have hearing loss.”

Your loved one with hearing loss needs your encouragement and support. Many reasons attribute to hearing loss but majority of people choose not to face the reality that they have hearing loss. Denial happens for many reasons and more so in Asian society.

Hearing loss could be due to reasons from work environment, disease, certain medical drugs, birth and more commonly, old age. It can be temporary hearing disorder or permanent loss of hearing.

Hearing loss differs in every person and generally there are three types of hearing loss- Conductive, Sensorineural and Mixed hearing loss. If you suspect or was diagnosed with some degree of hearing loss, we at Ace Hearing encourage you to seek qualified assistance soon. Early acceptance of the truth as a fact of life is wise and often results in better adjustment to a normal life. Be supportive. Help your loved one hear.


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